FFIV Recap, Ep. VII: To the Moon, Rosa!

We have acquired the legendary airship, the Lunar Whale! All aboard for our voyage of discovery!

FFIV: Inside Lunar Whale

Exploring our shiny new airship, we find… we find…


FFIV: Fat Chocobo of Borg


Fleeing to the front of the ship before Fat Choborgo devours us in its glistening maw, we poke the random Crystal Thingumbob, an even-cooler-than-a-pipe-organ method of power steering.

FFIV: Lunar Crystal

Up, up and away! Magic sure beats having to use actual rockets, fuel or physics to climb out of the gravity well of a planet.

FFIV: Lunar Whale Launching

To the Moon, Rosa! To the Moon! (Wait, which one?)

FFIV: To the Moon

Aha! I think we’ve spotted the Penultimate Dungeon of Shiny for this game.

FFIV: Crystal Palace

Oh very clever, Square. Wrong planet, however.

FFIV: Face on Moon

We waste no time in hopping out into near vacuum and spelunking our way around to the Castle of Shiny, fighting dragons and moon toads and petri dish escapees.

FFIV: Lunar Cave

You know, Rosa, that might be because there’s essentially NO ATMOSPHERE ON THE MOON.

I am sorry that the 3D version doesn’t at least show them bunny hopping in the low gravity.

FFIV: No Comment

No. Comment. Nope. None.

FFIV: Edge on Moon

Um, Edge? What about the gazillion random encounters with Bombs, Puddings, Moon Maidens, and dragons  thatI haven’t been screencapping? Is your bow tie cutting off circulation?

Anyway, into the Castle of Shiny we go. A voice greets us.

FFIV: You've Arrived

Er…who’re you?

FFIV: Fusoya Intro

Oh, okay. So —

FFIV: Fusoya the Lunarian


(I haven’t been showing them, but all the introductions tend to repeat like this.)

Time for a Backstory Dump! Tell us a story, Mr. Soya Sauce!

FFIV: Lunarian Backstory

I.e. the asteroid belt, which RL astronomers used to think was formed from an exploded planet.

FFIV’s lost planet’s refugees fled to the Blue Planet, then changed their minds and decided to leave it alone (warty monsters, smelly humes and all that), building a second moon for a home. Only it was boring, with nothing but random monster encounters and that dratted SomethingWay Rabbit and all his clones, so they went to sleep.

However, one cranky Lunarian didn’t wanna take his naptime.

FFIV: Origin of Zemus

Fusoya forcibly put Zemus to sleep. However, even asleep, Zemus’ will “reached out to men with tainted hearts on your planet, twisting them into beings darker still.” Which, actually, is an interesting (if unflattering) answer to Rosa’s question of why Kain was so susceptible to mind control.

Cecil: “So he was manipulating Golbez!”

But of course, my ever-clueless hero. The Big Bad whom you fight through most of these games is never the endgame boss.

So now Zemus has ordered Golbez to gather the crystals because, y’know, it’s what baddies do in these games.

FFIV: Interdimensional Elevator

…with which he will transport the Giant of Babil (What?) to the Blue Planet and carry out his exterminate-all-life program.

Wait. Interdimensional elevator giant whoosiwhatsit? Kain told us that Golbez was assembling those crystals to reach the Moon. PICK SOME TECHNOBABBLE AND STICK TO IT, FOR HYNE’S SAKE.

Well I guess we’d better go stop that Giant now, eh? Before it’s too late?

Oops, no, we have more Backstory Dump. Soy Sauce says that his own younger brother Kluya built the Lunar Whale and flew it to the Blue Planet long ago, teaching the natives his magic and airship technology and OH BY THE WAY HE’S YOUR DAD CECIL.

FFIV: Cecil's Father's Voice

Aaaand Cecil has totally missed the part where Fusoya mentioned that his mother bore two sons to Kluya.

After yet more chitchat, Fusuya joins the party, and we hurry back to the Lunar Whale. Our party members ponder Cecil’s parentage.

FFIV: Half Lunarian

Just call him “Moon Moon,” Edge. It’ll save time.

I would like to note in passing that the flans or puddings or whatever they’re called in this iteration are adorbs (albeit annoying as ever with their nigh-immunity to physical attacks.)

FFIV: Puddings

Before leaving the moon, we stop by Bahamut’s Lair  to pick up our final aeon Eidolon [whoops, my default fandom is showing].

FFIV: Rounding Up Eidolons

There’s also a lengthy sidequest rounding up all of Rydia’s Eidolon friends and sending them home. Again, these early games find nothing strange in depicting all manner of monsters and spirits in hooded cloaks like this, which makes the Sephiroth clones a little less strange to me. (They threw me on my first playthrough.)

Ah, here’s Bahamut. I keep thinking of FFX aeons because of the fact that they have humanoid forms:

FFIV: Father of Eidolons

So Leviathan rules the Eidolons on the Blue Planet, but Bahamut’s still the top dude Eidolon. Okie dokie. (Summons meta, don’t mind me. Magic and summons in these games always interests me.)

FFIV: Bahamut

I will spare you an annoying visit with HummingWay and all his rabbity friends. There’s a whole colony of those little mog snoggers up here.

So it’s back to dear old Blue Planet in our Lunar Whale.

FFIV: Earth

As we approach our landing spot, we notice that Stuff Is Afoot.


This doesn’t look promising.

FFIV: Tower of Babil

Bigass Tower of Babil.

FFIV: Giant of Babil

Giant of Babil. Ruby Weapon, anyone?

FFIV: Giant of Babil

And he starts blowing stuff up.

FFIV: Too Late!

WELL MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE SPENT AN HOUR ON THAT BACKSTORY DUMP, EH? (Sidequests? Lalalala. What sidequests? I am a font of efficiency!)

But wait! Here comes the cavalry!

FFIV: Red Wings

I wonder how our friends managed to snatch the Red Wings back from Golbez’s control and bring them out of the underworld.

FFIV: Dwarves

Yay! Er, wait, didn’t Giott say they’d never seen an airship before we crash landed at their gates?

FFIV: Dwarves Lali-Ho

I hope their tank drivers are a quick study.

FFIV: Yang and Sylphs

Yang has escaped his nursemaids, sort of. Sooner or later, the Sylphs are going to learn that Yang’s wife has a nasty tennis serve with that frying pan.

FFIV: Cid Airship

Muppet!Cid is back on his feet as well.

FFIV: Palom

As is the brat…

FFIV: Porom

…and his less bratty sister.

Good thing Mysidia’s elder has better magic than Tellah, or at least stronger White Magic. They were pretty durned petrified earlier, as I recall.

Stirring speech time!

FIV: Live and Breathe

“And even Lunarians who snooze and don’t seem to breathe on the Moon!”

FFIV: Captain Spoony

Aha, there’s Spoony. Bless his fluffy little heart.

I’m sure Rydia will be pleased to see that our body count has dropped back down to one: Tellah (and Anna, and Rydia’s mum, and the people of Mist, and the unknown Red Wing soldiers killed when Cid set off that bomb… oh nevermind, let’s go tackle a giant).

FFIV: Red Wings Attack

Woo hoo! Rosa sees the giant is staggered. (I wonder what the Japanese term is for “staggered.” It seems to have a very specific meaning in FFXIII).

FFIV: Assault on Giant

In a maneuver suspiciously reminiscent of FFX (or rather the reverse), we switch to Cid’s airship and have him fly us close enough to jump into the Giant’s mouth.

FFIV: Giant's Mouth

We fight our way down the Giant’s mouth, esophagus, stomach, that squiggly little bit after the duodenum, and —

FFIV: Freddicante


FFIV: Rubicante Loves You


Er… uh oh. What are they doing here?

FFIV: Four Archfiends

…that fabulous legs are no match for swords longer than Cecil is tall?

FFIV: Rubicante's Revelation

Ah, hell.

So to speak.

I was really worried about this battle, although Freddie, ever chivalrous, “restored us to full strength” before starting the battle. All four archfiends vs. little old us? I thought we were screwed.

Luckily, Rubicante learned his wisdom from Cecil, which means he inadvertently picked up a mild case of stupid. So, despite bringing all his furry friends to the dance, he had them attack us one at a time.

(Note: I’m just sticking this here for posterity’s sake so I can find it again — watch it AFTER the upcoming Golbez scene if you don’t want to be spoiled.) 

A bit grueling, but we take them all out.

Bye-bye, Freddie. *sniffle*

FFIV: Freddicante Defeated

We fight our way up or down or something to the giant’s core control systems, which is of COURSE a triple boss…

FFIV: Giant's Core

Thanks to a walkthrough, we are not fooled by Soya Sauce’s remarkably bad advice, and take out the attack node before it KILLS US DED.

FFIV: Fusoya Flattened

Although it does manage to flatten Fusoya. LITERALLY. My gods, I hadn’t realized the native Lunarians were two-dimensional beings!

One Phoenix Down later, we are interrupted in our mech-sabotage by the Big Bad. About time.

FFIV: Golbez and Meddlers

Fightin’ Words are exchanged. And now it’s time for the Reveal.

FFIV: True Self

Fusoya performs some mumbo jumbo and calls on Golbez to Awaken!

FFIV: Golbez Wakes Up

Because every FF needs a Big Bad?

FFIV: Father's Name

Laguna! No, wait, that’s not it…

FFIV: Golbez Revelation


FFIV: Cecil Gobsmacked

Awww. At this point, poor Cecil has entered the Bluescreen of Death event horizon, and won’t be good for much for a while.

FFIV: Rosa, Edge Gobsmacked

Backstory time! This time delivered by Golbez himself, as he struggles to apologize for a life of screwups.

Once named Theodor, “gift of the gods,” Golbez was Cecil’s elder brother. His father Kluya taught the people of the Blue Planet magic, but they turned on him and killed him. Because Advanced Magic/Tech leads to war and conflict in nearly every FF backstory.

FFIV: Kluya, Cecilia

(Theodor/Golbez at left in purple, next to his mother Cecilia, who reminds me of Yuna’s mom.)

Cecilia died in childbirth, because Hero’s Mom Always Dies in Final Fantasy. As Theodor grieves, he hears an insidious voice in his head:

FFIV: Zemus Possesses Golbez

At first Theodor resists Zemus’ nasssty (and untrue) promptings, but eventually he succumbs. Despite really charming flattery like “vile little insect…birthed from womb of dragon’s corpse,” twisting the prophecy.

Turning to the Dark Side, Theodor exposes his infant brother, but I think he was still hanging onto enough humanity to leave the baby with a good chance of survival:

FFIV: Cecil the Foundling

(I gather that the king of Baron may have been in love with Cecilia before she fell in love with Kluya; that would explain why Baron adopted Cecil as his heir.)

After abandoning his brother, Golbez fled into the wilderness in shame.

This next screencap is Golbez’s  line, although (Fusoya is tuckered out after snapping Zemus’ mind control on Golbez.)

FFIV: Forgiveness

So Golbez goes off to redeem himself by fighting Zemus. Fusoya vows to accompany him.

FFIV: Golbez's Farewell

Cecil doesn’t say a word. As we all know, he’s a bear of very little brain, and he’s got a lot to think about.

FFIV: Cecil Can't Speak

Rydia whispers to him, “Your blood. Your only living family.” Once again, she’s a remarkably compassionate lass, since Golbez is indirectly responsible for the death of her family.

At which point the Giant starts collapsing. Enter Kain, who shouts at them to follow him  to an exit.

FFIV: Edge Mistrusts Kain

Edge, you prat. You just saw Golbez snapped out of mind control, and he was controlling Kain.

FFIV: Talk Later

Rosa is more trusting. (Never mind that she has that Teleport Straight to Cecil’s Bedroom spell; I suspect she’s trying to help Kain redeem himself.)

FFIV: Rosa Trusting

And the Redwings and Dwarf Tanks bring the giant crashing down. THUD!

FFIV: Giant Crashes Down

Back on the Lunar Whale, Kain begs forgiveness again. (I know it’s again, because this is the second time I’ve tried to save a screencap named kain-begs-forgiveness.jpg. Gack.)

FFIV: Kain Begs Forgiveness

Cecil’s still bluescreened, and Edge ain’t about to let Kain off easily.

FFIV: Edge Rants at Kain

This time it’s Rosa, not Rydia, who breaks in with an angry, “Stop it!”

FFIV: Rosa Intervenes for Kain

I  agree with Rosa. That said, I think that Kain, like Golbez, was a ripe target for mind control partly because he had some repressed, not-so-noble urges for Zemus to work with.

Here’s a little flashback to Kain, Cecil and Rosa as children.  Rosa, diplomat as usual…

FFIV: Rosa, Young Diplomat

(Kain initially introduced himself as the son of “Sir Richard Highwind, the commander of the Dragoons,” started bullying Cecil for being “soft” and for special treatment from the king, and then had the nerve to claim that Cecil started it. I am boggled that Cecil takes responsibility for the quarrel and tells Rosa, “I started it.” However, his “honesty” impresses Rosa and establishes the groundwork for their love triangle. Once again, Kain doesn’t come off in the best light, although they were only kids.)

At any rate, it’s clear our next step is SIDEQUESTS to return to the moon to help Golbez and Soy Sauce bring Zemus down. Kain is ready to join for the last battle. Edge is, as usual, unimpressed.

FFIV: Edge Angry at Kain

Kain’s response is a noble one, and this is really the first time since very early in the game that I’m impressed with him.

FFIV: Kain's Answer

Okay, good. The Snark Brothers seem to have found an understanding.

FFIV: Kain and Edge Bonding

(I don’t usually ship m/m, but I keep seeing a lot of RivalShip potential with these two.)

Cecil finally shakes off his bluescreen and starts to reboot.

“Let’s go.”

FFIV: Let's Go

And this is where, suddenly, I got REALLY REALLY ANGRY at the game.

FFIV: Cecil sexist pig

Where the HECK did that come from?

Cecil says, “This time, there may be no homecoming.” Okay, I kinda see it. He loves Rosa and doesn’t want her to die. He feels responsible for Rydia after killing her mother. BUT STILL.

FFIV: F You Cecil

That was RUDE. To your lady. To your lover. Seriously, Cecil, you were dumb as a box of rocks, but I liked you best of the main party’s y chromosomes. You were always a chivalrous soul, unlike the other blokes… until now.

FFIV: Rosa Stung

(Rosa does the head down thing and just obeys, which also pissed me off.)

Edge joins the jerkass brigade.

FFIV: Edge Also a Jerkass

Rydia snarls, “Fine!” and storms off after Rosa.

There may or may not have been a certain amount of colorful swearing from me at this point. Rosa and Rydia spent an awful lot of this game not in the party, and now they’re being chucked out for the endgame? Is there a Glass Ceiling of Glory or what?

FFIV: Edge, Cecil, Kain

Yeah, yeah. Go off and play the heroes. Maybe I’ll shove you all in the horrible Hummingway den with that dratted rabbit and all his clones and see how long it takes before you chew off your own ears.

FFIV: Moons

Here we go again. (Gravitationally unlikely moonlet, it’s Maaaaagic.)

FFIV: Leaving Whale

After they land on the moon, Rosa suddenly enters from outside — what? — and announces that she’s not going anywhere.

FFIV: Rosa Adamant

Kain tells Cecil, “You can’t win this one.” I suppose I should be grateful to Kain for standing up for Rosa, but…

FFIV: Is This Sexist?

Ha very ha. (Slaps Kain with a rogue tomato.)

Cecil relents somewhat graciously.

FFIV: Cecil Gives In

Rydia hitchhiked on the outside of the Whale as well.

FFIV: Rydia, Rosa

Edge: Y-You’re here too?
Rydia: This battle is ours as much as anyone’s! Cecil said so himself. And having some Eidolons along can’t hurt, can it?

FFIV: Rydia Cute

(Gratuitous cute Rydia screenshot.)

My friends who played this game when they were younger were inspired by Rosa and Rydia standing up for themselves and forcing the menfolk to take them seriously. Apparently I am a glass-half-full snob who’s still steamed at the men for not taking them seriously. (Although, to be fair, Edge was the one being dismissive of their abilities. Cecil was just being overprotective.)

So with THAT out of the way… we head out to our Dungeon of Shiny.

The crystals inside the Lunar Palace are a chatty bunch, filling us in on yet more backstory. Right now they’re trying to “neutralize the unrelenting waves of dark thought emanating from Zemus.” Which I hope will keep Kain on our side long enough to get the job done.

FFIV: Talking Crystals

With the crystals’ help, we teleport to the Endgame Dungeon, a journey to the center of the Moon.

fFIV: Teleport

Lots of thinky thoughts as we go down level after level of a veeeery long dungeon…

FFIV: Rosa Thinks of Others

I’m trying to remember if Rosa ever, in this entire game, thinks of herself instead of thinking of others. Probably not.

FFIV: Rydia on Forgiveness

This is a follow up to Rydia’s earlier musing that “He can’t forgive Golbez? Even though they’re brothers?” Family first for Rydia, always.

As in FFIII’s Eureka Dungeon, we stop along the way to fight various famous weapons that turn into dragons or other bosses–

FFIV: Murasame

Yep, it’s Murasame, that turns into a white dragon.

As we penetrate deeper and deeper into the moon, the dungeon gets shinier, and the bosses get stranger. This is what Masamune turns into:

FFIV: Ogopogo

“Ogopogo” is the name of a Nessie-like cryptocritter sometimes spotted in Lake Okanagan, British Columbia. So now I know.

FFIV: Dungeon of Shiny

Hold that thought, Kain. (Please.)

FFIV: Inside the Moon

The deeper we go, the greater the Shiny. I’m not sure whether this is supposed to be the moon’s still-molten heart or (more likely) another artificial sun like the Magma Stone of Earth’s underworld.

FFIV: Hero's Quest

Hero’s Quest. Check.

And at last…

FFIV: Golbez, Fusoya

FFIV: Endgame

Here’s our Big Bad Behind the Big Bads.

FFIV: Zemus

Wait. Aren’t we supposed to be taking this guy out? We stand around and watch.

FFIV: Twin Meteor

You know, it’s probably not a wise idea to launch the spell he just goaded you to try on him.

FFIV: Twin Meteor

Zemus’ parting lines at the end of the (first) battle: Even when this mortal shell is gone / my spirit will live on.

FFIV: Edge, Humble

Edge, humble is ever.

Hang on. The body did NOT vanish.  This can only mean one thing.

We have another round of Cecil going “…” at Golbez. Interrupted by Round Two.

FFIV: Wellspring of Darkness

Is this where I get to see that x-rated sprite that Sev and the gang are always going on about, with that extremely unfortunate appendage down in front?

FFIV: Birth of Zeromus

Bracing myself…

FFIV: Aw hell

Don’t keep us in suspense here…

FFIV: Take Two

What the?

FFIV: Zeromus First Form

A jester crossed with a porcupine? Huh.

Golbez tries to use Yet Another Crystal on it (there sure are a lot in this game):

FFIV: Nyah Nyah

“Your hands will only stain it darker still,” Zemus taunts. Oh, way to twist the knife.

So then Zemus unleashes his Can of True Whupass and flattens all of us.

FFIV: Zemus Flattens Us

Which means it’s time four our heartwarming Friends Helping Us From Afar scene, which I think was a trope started in the last game. It’s a trope I enjoy.

FFIV: Tower of Mysidia

The scene cuts to the Tower of Mysidia (which, come to think of it, was in FFII as well, the resting place of Minwu Who Rocked.  I wonder about the connections between these two games.)

FFI: Twins Palom & Porom

Tinkerbell, will get well, if you clap your—

FFIV: Pray for the World

Prayers from all our old buddies get through. Then…

FFIV: Cecil Calls Golbez Brother

Reconciliation at last. A bit, anyway.

FFIV: Golbez Passes Torch

Cecil: “Zeromus! This is the end for you! Not for us!”

Holy squee, we’re in trouble.

FFIV: Owie

With a little help from our friends.

FFIV: Friendly Intervention

Oh, right. In this game, everybody has telepathy. Even the dead guys.

FFIV: Edward, Tellah

Etc, etc. So, once our friends have passed us some long distance healing via Skype, we’re good to go. It’s still a heck of a battle.

FFIV: Zeromus Second Form

Okay, there’s the Zeromus form everybody loves and knows, even if they haven’t played the game. Alas, the infamous weeping c*ck is now hidden under the party menu and facing us, so it’s not quite as obvious. Sorry, Sev.

FFIV: Gloaty Gloat

You means as long as fans keep making inappropriate jokes, right?

FFIV: Famous Last Words

I think all FF villains should go out with an “urrggh.”

FFIV: Yu yevon

Hey! You stole that special effect from Yu Yevon!

FFIV: Our Heroes

Gosh, even Cecil’s smiling.

Soy Sauce damns with faint praise:

FFIV: Faint Praise

And Edge reminds me why Fusoya may have had his doubts.

FFIV: Edge, Still Humble

Rydia takes him in hand yet again.

FFIV: Rydia Smacks Edge

She says she’s surprised Zemus didn’t use Edge instead.

On a more serious note…

FFIV: Farewells

Kain pokes Cecil, who’s still having a lot of stony silences in Golbez’s direction.

FFIV: Kain Pokes Cecil

At the last moment, Cecil finally speaks up:

FFIV: Cecil Calls After Golbez

We get a brief gparting glimpse of Theodor. (With whiskers…what?)

FFIV: Theodor (Golbez)


Brief but to the point.

Back on the Blue Planet, we get our shiny epilogue. The dragon’s maw prophecy scrolls by yet again. But now, in addition to the scrolling text epilogue of the earlier games, we get a “where they all are now” cutscene montage…

FFIV: Palom - Polum Epilogue

The twins are still studying, and Porom’s still thwacking her brother for boasting.

FFIV: Edge in Epilogue

The Seneschal of Eblan is still vainly trying to make Edge fulfill his responsibilities as the new king.

Edge chucks the smartass for a moment to pine after Rydia. “There’s not a girl in the world that will ever come close to you.”

FFIV: Rydia and Eidolons

Rydia goes back to the Feymarch, where the ordinary Eidolons now want to be just like her. (What, mortal?)

FFIV: King and Queen Frying Pan

The king of Fabul has evidently abdicated in favor of Yang. I assume the royal scepter is a frying pan.

FFIV: Edward in Epilogue

I’m glad to see Spoony never had to give up being Spoony to be considered worthwhile. He’s supervising the rebuild of Damcyan. And talking to Anna’s and her father’s ghosts when no one’s looking.

FFIV: Kain on Mt. Ordeals

Kain goes to Mt. Ordeals to atone, saying he’ll return when he’s become a better dragoon than his father.

FFIV: Cecil and Rosa's Coronation

And we have a lovely feel-good wedding (?) and coronation for Cecil and Rosa.

FFIV: Roll the Credits!

Roll the Credits!  See all the character models! (And revisit Chibi!Rydia one more time.)

FFIV: Cecilia, Theodor, Kluya

Wait, are we allowed to use a non-FF font? (Cecilia, Theodor, Kluya.)


FFIV: GetOutofMyWay


*the end*

Closing Thoughts:

This was the last of the main-numbered Final Fantasies I hadn’t played, although I still need to finish VI (I got stuck after the party got scattered) and pick up Tactics, Revenant Wings and Crisis Core. It’s not gonna supplant my favorites in the series, but it was enjoyable.

I liked the story, the angst and semi-developed characters, even if I had some trouble with parts of it (Rosa’s and Rydia’s lengthy absences, lack of much character for Kain outside of his unpleasant mind-controlled self, Edge making me want to stick a pie in his face). I appreciate the side characters like Edward and Tellah who have begun to break away from the mold of “Fighter or healer,” and despite my grumbling, I became very fond of the prodigy kids Palom and Porom.

Rydia rocked: I loved her compassion, her power (yes, kickass Magical Gal is my favorite job class), and her close relationship with the summons in the Feymarch. Surprisingly, Rosa is still my favorite character, despite the Distressed Damsel penalty box. I appreciate her quiet strength, her kindness, her occasional humor, and her rock-solid love. I approve of an adventure that isn’t structured by a falling in love story arc, instead treating an established relationship as a foundation stone, a minor but rock-solid strand that helps them persevere.

Looking at the big picture, the jump from the simpler characters and storylines of II and III to IV is a remarkable step forward, especially since original III had gone back to a generi-party, with blank slate characters whom the player was expected to flesh out via  imagination. (Remake-III gave them more defined personalities.) We’ve now achieved classic Final Fantasy, with set characters, a developed world, and hints of much more than the game had time to tell us. And, yes, the occasional WTF moment, or “Oh. Okay,” as Sev likes to say.

Magic and summons, dark knights and other FF mythology are fully fleshed out. It’s great to see all that.

And yes, the voices and graphics from the remake added a lot to it, along with all the thought balloons (most of which I  didn’t bother to cap, as this playthrough is too long already.)


As always, thanks to Sev and Rina for inspiring my playthrough with their  own Moogle University Final Fantasy IV playthrough, commentary and discussion. Go there for lots of thought-provoking and entertaining comments from FFIV veterans!

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