Introduction: Let’s Play Final Fantasy I

My friends sev and las at Moogle University had the insane idea to replay ALL the Final Fantasy games, or at least the first ten, in a 2013 gamer marathon. I decided to join the insanity. Here commences my own ten-month-plus journey through the land of chocobos, airships, minimaps, and crazy dudes named Cid.

First up on our plate is Final Fantasy, the oxymoronically-named game that started the neverending franchise in 1987. I was a teen back then, playing games like Zork, Temple of Aphshai and Karateka on an Apple ][.  I did not discover Final Fantasy until 15 years later, so I missed FF’s old school era entirely.

As I am over forty and have a life, I am violating the path of gamer purity by excusing myself from the original, delightful yet buggy NES version of Final Fantasy, which required massive amounts of grinding, dragging dead characters back to towns for resurrection (no Phoenix Downs for you, sucker!), and conserving the precious few spells one could cast each day.

Instead, I’ve opted for the kinder, gentler, EASY MODE iOS edition of Final Fantasy, which is a port of the remastered 20th anniversary Final Fantasy for PSP.* This will be my first time playing any version of this title. I’m looking forward to a lot of 8-bit and D&D nostalgia (I played tabletop D&D quite a bit in the 80s).

Final Fantasy I iOS

Gotta be an airship somewhere…

But enough expository banter. Let’s play Final Fantasy I!

*(See list of all the Final Fantasy versions on FF Wikia and this GameFAQ guide to differences between the versions).

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