Final Fantasy Record Keeper

I can’t very well start up a new Let’s Play when I’ve already got LPs for FFVII, FFX and Revenant Wings hung up mid-game. In fact, arthritis as well as writing and Life have gotten in the way of my gaming for most of this year. But I’ve been having a rough month, and I wanted some mental thumb-sucking. KABOOOM in games is so cathartic.

Lulu nukes a sassyflan with Fira

So I downloaded Final Fantasy Record Keeper (it’s free, it’s fanservice). I quikcly discovered that random battles, retro graphics versions of old friends, and glimpses of all the games I’ve shared on this blog since 2013 hit the spot.  It’s very satisfying to drop my favorite characters into different ‘verses, although I have to imagine and interpolate their snark and battle banter. But hey, I did that for my FFI playthrough, and that was a lot of fun, eh?

I’m not gonna write up a Let’s Play of this game, but I’ll share what few tips I’ve figured out at the end of this post.

[NOTE: If you’re playing FFRK already, recruit my Lulu RW with the friend code SuCW. If you haven’t played FFRK before, and want to try it, use my invite code to download it, and you’ll net me a piece of Mythril.]

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