Final Fantasy VI Gau – Rage Guide / Cheat Sheet

FF6 Amano Concept Art GauThis isn’t a comprehensive Rage Guide — there’s plenty of those on GameFAQs — but rather, my own quick-and-dirty shopping list to which Rages I wanted and what they do.

Learn Rages by:

  1. Fighting a monster somewhere else
  2. Using Gau’s “Leap” command when encountering that monster on the Veldt

First Set of Rages (after arrival on Veldt):

Using this FFVI walkthrough’ recs plus FFWikia’s complete Rage/Monster guide, I created a shopping list of monsters I wanted to hunt —

Templar, Hazer/Cloud, Over-Mind/Soul, Rhodox/Mu, Stray Cat, Pterodon/Lesser Lopros, Dark Wind, Trillium, M-Tek Armor, Telstar/Satellite, Vaporite/Spritzer, Bomb, Ghost, Marshal/Guard Leader, Areneid/Alacran, Cirpius

— I copied the list to a spare text window, then deleted names as I found them. I wound up skipping a few. (Note: “Rest” for free in bed in Relic shop)

Then I created this handy battle guide for the rages I’d acquired and printed it to have as an in-battle reference. (PS1/GBA names)

Chart of Best Rages for Gau:

FFVI Gau Rage List / Monster Leap Guide
* = target all

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