Final Fantasy III Recap, Episode I: Cute Overload


The original, 1990 Japanese Final Fantasy III starts out differently. It’s much more like FFI, with four completely generic, unnamed “Onion Knights” (aka “Onion Kids”) bumbling into a cave after an earthquake.

Here’s a derpy fan translation of the original:

Official Square material makes all four of them 14, whence the kawaii generic Onion Knight representing FFIII in Dissidia.

In 2006, FFIII finally came out in English via a Nintendo DS remaster that made the heroes more than cardboard and converted 8-bit sprites to 3D chibis. That’s the version that got ported to iOS. So with apologies to old-school purists…

Final Fantasy III: Victory dance

Luneth: …
Rydia: …
Ingus: …

Me: *Takes 2 HP from TEH CUTE*

Now, let’s head out to the recap!

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