My reaction to Final Fantasy I summed up.

From my Let’s Play Final Fantasy I. (Yes, I know what the word means.)

In January 2013, a couple of veteran gamers on Dreamwidth set up Moogle University to chronicle their ten-month-long marathon replay of Final Fantasy I through X. As one of their fellow Final Fantasy fandom friends, I thought this was a spoony splendid idea and decided to play along.

I’ve been posting my recaps on my own journal. However, those posts will slowly slide into the depths of DW oblivion, so I’m archiving them here.

Disclaimer: All Final Fantasy games are copyrighted by and belong to Square Enix. Squeenix owns all the characters, worlds, spells, chocobos, moogles, and scary little green guys with big knives. Please do not send the scary little guys with big knives after me, as I believe this site is covered by the “transformative works” clause of Fair Use.

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    February 4, 2016 at 4:16pm

    I really enjoyed your site, I’m playing the FFs that I never played before and your site is really useful and fun. Thank you for all that work ! =D

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